For abstract preparation, please use the ECMetAC Days 2023 abstract template, which describes the required page size, margins, font size, style, etc. The abstracts should be written on one page and may contain one figure. Abstracts should be submitted as Word .docx documents. Name the abstract document with the word Abstract followed by the family name of the presenter (e.g. »Abstract-Smith.docx«). Please use only letters of the English alphabet when naming the file of your abstract, do not include special characters (č, š, ž, ć, đ, ł, Ł, ç); for example: Abstract-Kozelj.docx and not Abstract-Koželj.docx.


The deadline for the abstract submission is 10th October, 2023. Authors will be informed on the type of presentation by 25th October, 2023.

To submit the abstract, click on the Abstract Submission Form.